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Are you a Real Estate Agency or a Big Company?

No, we are not big company, therefore, we can offer you a speedy smooth transaction. We do not have the big overhead as other big companies do. You will find that our prices tend to be lower than our competitors because we pass on the savings to you. 

Where do you purchase your properties from?

We purchase properties from, but not limited to, Private parties, Real Estate Agencies, Government Agencies, Auctions, wholesalers and foreclosures.

Why are your properties so inexpensive?

Unless specified at description of land, land is raw undeveloped land bought mostly in bulk, which allows us to pass on the savings to you.  Our structures are bought at wholesale after a long time of research and negotiation.

Are there any other fees?

In addition to the cost of the land there is a $99.00 processing fee. Please see page on Fees. For structures, fees vary.

Is title clear and free of encumbrances, liens, and overdue taxes?

We conduct my own research before acquiring property to make sure title is clear and free from any encumbrances, liens and that taxes are current. Nevertheless, we strongly suggest you conduct your own due diligence. See Disclaimer.

Does the property come with Title Insurance?

No, you should contact your local title company and ask for a quote and what they need to conduct title insurance for property.

Is land staked or surveyed?

No, land is not staked, but a subdivision is surveyed when it is first established and plat maps are created.

Do you have specific pictures of property?

For Land, unless specified at description of listing, photos are of general area, since land is not staked out, it's hard to determined the exact parcel. For structures, they would be photos of actual structure.

How do you accept payments?

We accept E-Check and credit cards through Paypal (You can sign up for free). Use for Paypal payment. We also accept Cashier's checks, money orders and personal checks. For personal checks, please allow 10 days for check to clear.  If you do online banking, we accept Bidpay as well.

Will you finance the land or structure?

We do finance all land parcels on our website, unless it specifies on listing a cash sale (no financing) only. No qualifying, 0% interest and no prepayment fees. On structures, they are mainly cash sales, although sometimes there may be properties with a lease with option to buy, if so, it will be stipulated on the listing.

Can you send deed Express Mail, Fedex or UPS?

If you pay additional fees, yes.

What process does it take for a deed to be recorded?

After you mail your deed for county to record, the county will send you recorded deed to you in about 2-8 weeks (depending on county) after it has been recorded in your name. Assessor's office will update their records about three months later and the Treasurer's office in about a year, therefore, you will probably get your first tax bill the following year. It is a good idea to send a post-card to the County's Treasurer updating them of the change in ownership if you don't want to miss a tax bill.

Please note that once your deed is recorded in your name, even if you did not get deed back from the county because it got lost in the mail, you are still the legal owner and responsible for taxes, even if the Treasurer does not send you a tax bill in November.

Why do I need to record the deed, why don't you record deed?

We feel it's more productive if you receive the deed and check for any errors before sending it to County. Also, this way you control when you send deed andwhich service you use. This way if it gets lost in the mail, you are not waiting for weeks before finding out deed never made it to County's office.

When I finance property through you, once I send initial processing fee, how long do I have before my first payment is due?

Once we have received your initial processing fee, you first payment will be due in 30 days from the Real Estate contract date of sale.

I have sent the initial payment for a property of land but now I changed my mind, can I have a refund?

If you contact us within 72 hours, yes you can have a full refund as long as we have not processed your paperwork.  After 72 hours the initial processing fee is non-refundable, whether we processed or not the paperwork.  If you should later change your mind after the 72 hour period and you not complete the transaction, the initial processing fee is held for liquidated damages, as we had reserved the land for you and did not sell it to anyone else, therefore, incurring loss.

I need more time to do my due diligence, for how long would you hold the land for me?

If you would like more time to do your due diligence than the 72 hours offered after you pay your processing fee and would like us to hold any parcel of land for you for up to 30 days, there is a non-refundable fee of $50.00, which if you do purchase the parcel of land, will be credited to your account.  

How do I find costs for electricity, water, wells, sewere, and staking land?

With legal description you can contact local companies for an estimate. Counties sometimes can give you a local number for you to call. Not all companies will give you a free estimate but some do over the phone. We have set up a page with helpful links to help you get started.

After payment clears, how long does it take for you to send me documents?

We will send deed/Land Contract, within 2 business days of payment clearing by United States Postal Service with easy to follow instructions for recording deed by mail.

What information do you need for deed?

See Vesting Deed for information needed.

I mailed the deed to the County but they never got it, now what do I do?

If the County never received your deed, we will need to redo the paperwork for you to send it again to the County. Our fee to redo the paperwork will be $50.00. 

If I want to take advantage of the cash discount, how long do I have to send full payment?

You have 30 days from the date that you paid the intinial processing fee to send full payment. You can send partial payments during those 30 days, but full amount is due at the end of the 30 days.

Why does it take so long for the Assessor's office and Treasure's Office to update their records?

We do not know what exact process the deed has to go through or other activities these offices do, but I do know that if there are any abnormalities when the Clerk at the Recorder's office gets the deed, the Assessor is immediately notified and sends written letters to all parties involved in transaction.

County received my deed but I never got it back from them, what do I do now?

It's rare that deeds get lost in the mail but sometimes they do. You can request a certified copy from the Recorders office by mail.

I need to sell the land I'm financing with you, is my contract transferable?

Yes, if you already have a buyer for your property, we can make a new Real Estate contract and have your buyer take over your contract payments.  There is a one time $50.00 transaction fee.

I bought a property from you before and I am selling it now. Can you process the paperwork for me?

We would be happy to process the paperwork for you and your buyer.  There is a $50.00 transaction fee for the documentation, and fee does not included notary fees.

How do I figure out the square feet of a parcel?

You multiply the width by the length of the parcel.

How many square feet is an Acre?

One acre is 43,560 sq. ft.

Do you have to be a United States Citizen to purchase property?

No, anyone from any country can purchase property in the United States.

Where can I get more information?

We will try our best to answer all your questions. If we are unable to help you, we may be able to give you suggestions of were you may need to call for further assistance.


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