Due Diligence

While we conduct our own due diligence on properties we purchase, see Disclaimer, we strongly recommend you conduct your own due diligence.  When possible, visit land personally and make a list of all your questions and needs.

If we can not answer your question, we usually refer you to the county's clerk office, where they can better guide you. Always write down who you spoke with and date, incase you need to call them back.

To verify the owner of property, as you should not make payment to anyone else but the owner of the property, you would call the Recorder's office of the county where land is located with legal description of parcel. Sometimes county clerks do make mistakes (they're human) when giving you information. If for some reason the owner's name does not match their records, ask owner to give you book number,
page and recorded date shown on the deed so you can double check information again.

To find the assessed value of land, you can call the county's Assessor's Office with legal description of land. Remember, assessed value is not necessarily Market Value but a percentage of the Market value.

For building requirements for your land, you need to call the Building and Zoning Department in the City where the land is located with the legal description of the parcel.  They can also tell you the zoning for the land (Residential, agricultural,
commercial, etc.)

If you have questions about power, water, phone, sewer, septic, well or surveying land ask the Assessor's office where you need to call for this information. Sometimes they can help you, other times they may not be allowed to give you this information
by law or they are under staffed and can't help you. So you may need to get the phone numbers from the operator or running a search with key words on the internet.

For title insurance, any title insurance company should be able to give you a quote for their service.

There are other questions you should ask owner, for example, after owner receives payment, how soon will owner issue deed to you? Some owners may take weeks to send you paperwork, so you want to make sure that you agree on a timely date before hand.  If owner insists on recording deed for you, will he/she send you tracking number so you can make sure deed got to county and copies of deed for your records.

Doing your homework will make your land purchasing experience smooth.


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