All information contained on this web site regarding real estate properties has been gather from various sources* and to the best of our knowledge, are deemed reliable. Happy Scribbles, Inc., is not a Real Estate Brokerage Agency. The properties listed here are assets owned by Happy Scribbles, Inc., THEREFORE, they are for sale in "AS IS" CONDITION at the time of sale, including any hidden defects of any nature, known or unknown, with no representations, warranties or guarantees whatsoever, express or implied, regarding their nature, value, source, authenticity, fitness, merchantability, and/or any other aspect or characteristic of these assets. No statement anywhere, whether express or implied, shall be deemed a warranty or representation by the Seller regarding these assets. While we try to physically inspect all properties, sometimes it is not possible and the properties are bought unseen. Seller strongly advices all prospective Buyer's to research all information, visit properties when possible and to conduct DUE DILIGENCE to their own satisfaction prior to buying properties. Unless specified, pictures are of general area and not of specific properties.  All sales are final.


*May include but not limited to County Clerk's office, Assessors office, Treasurer's office, Building and Zoning Department, Title Companies, previous owners, Real Estate Agents and similar listings.

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