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 My name is Gladys Jimenez, president of Happy Scribbles, Inc.  I have sold over a thousand land parcels since March of 2002. 

I stumbled on to this business by accident.  I was in the business of selling Harry Potter books on-line. I wanted to invest the extra money I was making in a safe investment.

I had no experience in investments, so while looking for options to invest in, I  found a beautiful parcel of land on-line in the state of New Mexico.  


I live in California and had only driven through the state of New Mexico. I had no idea what I was buying. The photo of the area seemed beautiful to me, not to mention the affordability of the land. 
I shared my thoughts with my friends about buying land on-line and they all gave me warnings and tips about why it was not a good idea to send money to a stranger on the internet. 

Somehow, deep inside, I felt it was the right choice for me.  I was nervous as I had never bought anything for more than $50.00 on-line, but went ahead with my intuition.

I pretty much crossed my fingers and sent in my payment. I was happy to receive my deed a few days later which I promptly sent to the county for recording and waited with anticipation that all would go well.  Two weeks later I received my deed back from the county. The land was mine!  It was a great feeling of freedom and security.

Everything went smoothly. Soon I found myself buying another parcel of land. I was hooked!  All my spare money went into buying land, but since I was just starting, I only had limited funds. I could not buy all of the parcels I felt were good deals, so I let some good deals go. 

I remember a few months after I bought my first parcel, I fell in love with another parcel in Rosamond, California.  Since it was closer to where I live, it dawned on me, I could sell my New Mexico parcel and raise money for the one in Rosamond. I sold it at a profit.  That is how I got into the business of selling land.  

I have learned a lot since then. I made costly mistakes along the way.  That is why I have written on this Web site about doing your own due diligence, how to vest your deed, and even provided a few resources to get you started. 
I have met many wonderful people through this business. I am proud to have several repeat customers who have become good friends.  Some of my happy clients have left positive testimonials about our land transactions.  
Investors have said that in Real Estate the money is made when you buy, not when you sell.  I believe that.  Real Estate is still considered the best investment by many. Even when the economy has ups and downs Real Estate tends to keep its value and build equity in the long run.    
When I started this business I made myself a promise that I would only sell land that I, myself, would keep in my personal inventory.  I made that promise to myself and to every single one of my clients. I look forward to building relationships with my clients that are based on trust and fairness.
Feel free to ask me any questions about our properties.  May your purchasing Real Estate experience be smooth and prosperous.

With love,

Gladys Jimenez

President of Happy Scribbles, Inc.  


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